Two years ago this week, we launched Google for Nonprofits to support the many nonprofit organizations that are changing the world. In that time, we’ve been privileged to support amazing organizations and witness the meaningful work you do every day. Reaching our second birthday would not have been possible without this fantastic community of nonprofits.
So, yesterday we hosted a day of celebration asking our community to share what they were celebrating whether it be hitting a milestone, an act of service or just being together.

The Google for Nonprofits team celebrating two years of working 
with meaningful and innovative nonprofits.

We saw so many fun and inspiring examples. Check out  all the photos and posts on our Google+ page and feel free to add your own picture. Just make sure to +mention us (+Google for Nonprofits), include a caption about what you’re celebrating, and include the hashtag #Heres2You.

Thank you to everyone who made these two years so special!

Posted by Katie Kellogg, Google for Nonprofits team