Our recent benchmark reports show that a growing number of grantees are looking to agencies and other third parties for help developing, managing and optimizing AdWords accounts and online marketing campaigns.

However, this number is still pretty small and we’ve heard from many more of you that you could use help with marketing projects from time to time but don’t really have the resources to handle it.

For those of you with online marketing projects but without resources to handle them, we’d like to highlight one resource that you could find helpful -- Mediacause.org

Media Cause is a new online resource that connects NGOs and online marketing volunteers to collaborate on Google Grants, SEO, and social media marketing projects.

NGOs can sign up for free, post online marketing “challenges” (anything from improving a Facebook profile page to optimizing an AdWords keyword list) and have an expert from the online marketing world step in and lend a hand.

But wait, there’s more! Media Cause volunteers get something out of it, too. By contributing to your organization and others, they gain valuable industry experience that Media Cause helps them parlay into career advancement for individuals and exposure for agencies. Through social media and website promotion, internship and training opportunities, and job placement assistance they do their best to return the favor to the online marketers who participate.

If you’re looking for expert help with your organization’s online marketing, check out Mediacause.org and post a challenge for their industry experts.